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Attach, expand, collapse


Solo show in Gallery Hippolyte.

The installation consisted of natural rocks, found objects and a room constructed of float glass, drywall and light. The installation with rocks and found objects spreading over the floor area of the gallery makes use of a soundless cracking agent, expansive mortar, also called snail dynamite. Soundless cracking agent is a material developed for splitting rock and concrete in urban construction sites without any noise, vibration or harm for the surrounding. The moment when the stones crack cannot be determined beforehand, as it is the result of pressure created by the expanding agent.  The time in the installation makes no concession to the gallery’s opening hours or viewers’ schedules. The rocks split in their own time according to their autonomous laws. 

The room enveloped with toned glass contained traces of human gestures and activities referring to the bodily existence and materiality of life.

The installation also featured a studio recording of the sound of stone splitting.

Temporal process in the work It´s a silent agent doing its thing
Sari_Palosaari_Attach, expand, collapse_
Installation view
Sari_Palosaari_after crack_.jpg
Installation detail
Installation detail
Intallation view
Building_Images_Sari Palosaarijpg
Installation in gallery Hippolyte.jpg
Building images_detail
Installation_detail_gallery Hippolyte
Installation_Sari Palosaari.png
Installation view in gallery Hippolyte
Installation detail
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