Sari Palosaari is a Helsinki-based visual artist, born in Kemi, North of Finland. In her practice bodies, objects and materials are seen as active agents within the space-time continuum. She often uses everyday objects and things at hand to do minimal gestures with and to highlight the subject/object’s own properties, features, affections and relations.  

The works can include durational material processes generated by chemicals or sensor technics, i.a Palosaari injects soundless cracking agent, so called snail dynamite, into a rock that triggers it to slowly crack under the pressure throughout the duration of the exhibition. The immediate presence of the `now´ within the works unfolds to layered pasts and futures. The scales vary from the human to cultural and from the particle to planetary. Through uncertainty and impermanence, she deconstructs stabilizing significations and instead emphasizes the temporality, transience and the becoming. 


Palosaari builds her works with sensitive site-specificity which includes thorough reading of the institutional, social, cultural and aesthetic context.

© Sari Palosaari, 2020