Sari Palosaari´s artistic work has a speculative relation to its subject/objects and a situated sense of place.  The installations with their various materials and performative bodies unravel from the dense presence of the `now` towards the specters of past and futures.  Palosaari implements gestures and weaves together assemblages of the natural and context-specific elements, structures and forces. Through uncertainty and impermanence, the works deconstruct stabilizing significations and emphasize change. Both in her temporal and permanent installations, Palosaari seeks to combine interaction and care with autonomous forces and liberating transformative motion.

   In her recent practice she has i.a loaded soundless cracking agent, so called snail dynamite, into a rock that triggers it slowly, within days, weeks or months, to crack (first in `It´s a silent agent doing its thing´, Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, 2016, latest `Eons and Instants´, Helsinki Biennial 2021). Through collaboration with the choreographer she has introduced the human body as a democratic materiality among the splitting rocks and other subject/objects (`Time is out of joint´, in Gallery Sculptor, 2018).  Or i.a. in her permanent work `In light of current even´ (Nya Akademiska Sjukhuset, Uppsala, SWE) she attached color and ambient light sensors to collect data of the light conditions on the outside and transferred the constant data flow to the light emitting structure inside the room that is enveloped with glass facade. The glasses again were covered with translucent foil that cuts away the outside view and only the light filters through.

During 2020-2024 her artistic practice is kindly supported by Taike (Arts Promotion Centre Finland).