Photo © Maija Toivanen / HAM / Helsinki Biennial
`Eons and Instants´

Stones, soundless cracking agent, rock dust, spodumene, cobalt (CoO & CoAlZn), copper carbonate, zinc acetate,  brass, steel, plastic, wood

Eons and Instants is a site-sensitive performative installation which, through its materials and inbuilt temporal processes of rocks slowly, over days, weeks and months, splitting, reflected on the military history of the island and the room it was installed in. Continuing its reflection on the notion of `maa´ (earth, ground, land, country in Finnish) it made connections with the mineral extraction that is needed for keeping up the modern way of life. 


The piece was commissioned for Helsinki Biennial and created for the former gunpowder cellar, Alexander Battery on the Vallisaari island. The rocks were collected from the island shores, from areas where they´d been moved not so long ago. After the biennial they were returned to the same places.

The work was commissioned by HAM / Helsinki Biennial

Curated by Pirkko Siitari & Taru Tappola

Photo 1, 3, 4, 6, 7,  8, 9, 10, 11 ©Maija Toivanen/HAM/Helsinki Biennial 

Eons and Instants_Helsinki Biennial
Helsinki Biennial_21_Palosaari.jpg
Helsinki Biennial, Eons and Instants, detail of the installation
Eons and Instants_Helsinki Biennial
Helsinki Biennial_21_Palosaari.jpg
detail installation view_Eons and Instants.jpg
Helsinki Biennial_installation_Sari Palosaari
Stone storage of Eons and Instants installation in Helsinki Biennial 2021
installation detail_Palosaari_Helsinki Biennial.jpg
temporal events_Eons and Instants installation.jpg
rock,snail dynamite, copper carbonate on brass_detail of installation Eons and Instants.jpg
details of temporal events in Eons and Instants.jpg
detail_Eons and Instants.jpg
rock, snail dynamite, cobalt (CoO & CoAlZn).jpg
crack_rock splitting.jpg
detail_rock, soundless cracking agent, cobalt .jpg
detai_Eons and Instants.JPG
rock storage_performative installations_Helsinki Biennial.jpg
detail of installation Eons and Instants.jpg