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powder coated steel, light

A commission for Asunto Oy Porvoon Pinna, Porvoo Hellberginmäki 


Commissioner City of Porvoo, FI

Illumination in co-operation with Sun Effects 

Photos Jakob Johannsen / Valorama

   The six-part sculptural installation visualizes an imaginative air stream flowing up in the high, narrow shaft over the building entrance. The airstream materializes in spoke railings that are bowing into curves, take various positions, hit the ceiling, touch lightly on the wall and land on a roof. The touch of air, sensation of motion and the spoke motif resonate, except for the architecture´s proposition, also the locations´ history with bicycling. The work deals with its subjects sensuously, embodying how the air circulates, strokes, catches what's loose and light, both when cycling and within the space. The railings of the work correspond to the other railings of the house, but are coal black in surface and slightly grainy. In the ecology of the house, the function of the stairwell is not only to bring light into the corridors but to act as a smoke shaft in the event of a fire. This possibly unsettling background together with the coal black arcs sketch out the other possible image too.

   The illumination of the piece continues the same expression of lifting force. Directed from bottom to up the lighting emphasizes the direction of the movement and highlights the shaft space apart from the rest of the stairway hall. The sculptural elements are outlined in black against white surfaces. The lighting follows the sun sets and sun rising times and dims down during the midnight hours.

   `Draft´ is inspired by the space and the materialities associated with it, as well as the history and present of the site. With sensuality and poetics the work creates loose connections between its subjects and attempts to attach to its site firmly but lightly.

Public commissioned art work_Draft_Sari Palosaari_photo Jakob Johanssen.jpg
Architectural view_detail_public art work Draft_Sari Palosaari_photo Jakob Johannsen
`Draft´_permanent installation _detail_public commis
detail of permanent installation_public commission_Porvoo
detail of permanent installation in residential house Porvoo.jpg
view on part of the permanent art work Draft_public comission_Porvoo city
Architectural view on public art work Draft_Sari Palosaari_photo Jakob Johannsen
Architectural view on public art work Draft_Sari Palosaari_photo Jakob Johannsen
street view_Draft_Sari Palosaari_photo Jakob Johannsen.jpg
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