In light of current events


Sand blasted glass channels, led lights, ambient light and color sensors, data control units, translucent foil on facade glass

Upsala Akademiska Sjukhuset, Sweden

In co-operation with

Building architect White Arkitekter AB

Electric design Gregoire Rousseau

Programming Eetu Huhtala

Commissioner Eva Rosengren / Region Uppsala

Invitational competition curator Lotta Mossum, competition  winner 2014.

Photo bottom 2 © Skaparkraft Film Production

The work forms a space between two light emitting walls, one with the outside light and the other with the translation of it.


The installation includes color and ambient light sensors which collect data of the light conditions on the outside surrounding. The constant data flow is transferred to the light emitting curved wall inside the room. The room, which is a volume above the entrance of the building with room-in-a-room architecture, is enveloped with a glass facade. The glasses are covered with a translucent foil that cuts away the view and only filters through the light. The landscape is eliminated of viewing and, thus, the emphasis shifted to sensing the light conditions instead.

In relation to its location dedicated for medical science and education, the work suggests interaction between the human and non-human information, constant change and attuning with the environment and temporalities that exceed the human scales. The work is a landmark for the hospital that inhabits it. In a conceptual level it offers a hopeful thought: in light of current events the things are a certain way, but the next moment they can change.

Installation `In light of current events ´, inside view, Upsala Akademiska Sjukhuset 2019
Light emitting wall_In light of current events
In light of current events installation view towards the corridor
In light of current events_outside view_ Upsala Akademiska Sjukjuset
Outside view detail_In light of current events_Uppsala_Sweden
In light of current events_outside view_in co-op with White Arkitekter AB