`Air gap´ 

The moving image works, created between 2014 - 2019, were first time shown as a series in the Moving the Horizon -project.   Moving the Horizon is a  project between artists in Rabat, Morocco; Marseille, France and Helsinki - Finland.

Exhibitions & screenings:

Manifesta Biennial 2020, Parallèl du Sud program, Marseille, 2020

French Institute in Rabat, 2019

French Institute in Helsinki, 2019

MuuMaanantai Moving the Horizon, Muu gallery, Helsinki, 2019

Artist talk and screening, LeCube, Rabat, 2019

​OAA (Ouverture d'ateliers d'artistes) Marseille, Galerie Zoëme, 2019 

Ar-Cade Gallery, Marseille, 2019



Duration 5;12, loop

During the surfacing act, attraction is at play between the subject-objects.

SLICING_video still


Duration 1;15,  loop

The cinematic space changes with one gesture.

`Air gap´


Duration 1;30,  loop

Movement comes from unexpected direction.

Air gap_video still_Sari Palosaari

© Sari Palosaari, 2020