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Photo © Titus Verhe

It´s a silent agent doing its thing 

Stones, soundless cracking agent, found objects from location

Installation from 2016 was recreated for Rauma Triennale off-site venue in Tarvantori, a vacant former shopping mall under demolition threat. 


Rauma Triennale 2019, Rauma, Tarvantori

Curator Anna Vihma

Photos © Titus Verhe

Sari Palosaari Rauma Triennale 2019 Tarvantori
Installation view Rauma Triennale 2019 Tarvantori.jpg
Installation view Rauma Triennale 2019 Tarvantori
Outside view of the installation in Rauma Triennale_Tarvantori
Rauma Triennale_ Tarvantori_detail
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