take off

stone, stone dust and pieces, brass tube, iron rod

I took a half of a rock that had been split by snail dynamite in an earlier installation and carved out its inside. On the location the generated dust was poured on the remaining crust and a brass stick was stuck near to it – in its gesture reminiscent to e.g snow plow sticks that are placed to mark objects that could be obscure, unnoticed or covered.


Matter - Site, Sense and Sensibilities /  Peripheries in Parallax, Brave New Peripheries, Aalto University Campus / Espoo City Park

Curators Pia Euro and Tanja Kiiveri

www.peripheries in parallax /matter

take off_Matter 2_Paripheries in Parallax.jpg
Matter 2_Peripheries in Parallax.jpg
detail_take off_Matter 2_Peripheries in Parallax.jpg