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Exhibition introduction

Sari Palosaari

Time is out of Joint, Gallery Sculptor, 31.8. - 23.9.2018, Helsinki

   Liisa’s weight had started to drop during her mourning time, and it did not seem to come to an end. When she felt it could no longer be the sorrow that caused it, she decided to go to a doctor. The doctor couldn't say a reason for the weight loss,  but instead, she had heard something in her heart, an odd rhythm.  Scanning of the heart detected an extra chamber. Whether Liisa had had it since her birth, or whether it had formed over time was not known. In any case, the heart was functioning well and there was no need to do anything about it. However, the doctor said,  if Liisa so wanted, it could be operated `back to normal´. She only needed to decide. It was the point of no return. Everything could be like it was or utterly otherwise.

The lead-up to the exhibition is a story of a family friend. It crystallizes, on a private level, the kind of unexpected, suddenly arising, pivotal transformation, that demands reframing of thinking. It asks to include broader temporal and spatial scales and the interconnectedness of matter and thought.

The exhibition consists of independent but entangled, performative objects. The objects form an installation that includes temporal events: an unpredictable, pressing change and an always already absent present. Additionally, the exhibition includes a performative part that observes the relations between materiality and corporeality performed by a human body.


For the last two years Sari Palosaari has been developing her sculpture based artistic practice to include temporality, performativity and change as an integral part of an object.  For example, she makes use of soundless cracking agent, so called snail dynamite, which she injects into a rock; the expanding mortar then causes a pressure that eventually, within days or weeks, will crack the rock. First developed for a public work In Light of Current Events, she also creates objects that are sensitive to surrounding light conditions and based on sensor technique.


The exhibition title Time is out of Joint quotes Shakespeare´s Hamlet and describes a world that is not set right. The metaphor of a bone that is slipped from its proper juncture is used together with the notion of time to express the utterly disordered world.

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