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Time is out of joint


Solo show, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, 2018

Performer Simo Kellokumpu

Photo 2,3,4 ©Titus Verhe 

Exhibition introduction

   Liisa’s weight had started to drop during her mourning time, and it did not seem to come to an end. When she felt it could no longer be the sorrow that caused it, she decided to go to a doctor. The doctor couldn't find a reason for the weight loss,  but instead, she had heard something in Liisa’s  heart:  an odd rhythm.  Scanning of the heart detected an extra chamber. Whether Liisa had had it since her birth or whether it had formed over time, was not known. In any case, the heart was functioning well and there was no need to do anything about it. However, the doctor said,  if Liisa so wanted, it could be operated `back to normal´. She only needed to decide. 

The lead-up to the exhibition is a story of a family friend. It crystallizes, on a private level, the kind of unexpected, suddenly arising, pivotal change, that demands reframing of thinking to include broader temporal and spatial scales and the interconnectedness of matter and thought.

The exhibition consists of independent but entangled, performative objects. The objects form an installation that includes temporal events: an unpredictable, pressing change and an always already absent present. Additionally, the exhibition includes a performative part that observes the relations between materiality and corporeality performed by a human body.

The exhibition title Time is out of Joint quotes Shakespeare´s Hamlet and describes a world that is not set right. The metaphor of a bone that is slipped from its proper juncture is used together with the notion of time to express the utterly disordered world.

By your side

double seat, rocks, soundless cracking agent


ambient light sensor, steel pipe and railing, led light, plastic

Time is out of joint - installation
Wrestling classics, Atmospheric and other sculptures


radiator, rock


Marcel Breuer Cheska chair frame copy and follower, T-shirts


Marcel Breuer Cheska chair frame, sunray-pleated polyester, rock

Installation in exhibition Time is out of joint


found glass corner,  rock, soundless cracking agent

Atmospheric II

ambient light sensor, steel tube,  led light, plastic


`On the edge´and other works in the exhibition ´Time is out of joint´

On the edge

drop leaf table, rock, soundless cracking agent, door mat

Cooling effect

chair, glass corner



`On the edge´ temporal works by Sari Palosaari
Detail of temporal sculpture
Wrestling classics
Time is out of joint_Gallery Sculptor_ed
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