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Triangle Residency, New York, FCINY, Skr & Triangle Association, 10-12/ 2023 


Loose Configurations, solo show, gallery Sculptor, 10/ 2023

Mänttä Art Festival, curators Petri Alamaunus & Minna Suoniemi,  6-8 / 2023 

Bodies between Architectures, commission for the new Bridge Hospital, HUS, Meilahti, curator Taru Elfving, finalizing 10/2022, inauguration 3/2023

Draft, public commission, Porvoo Hellberginmäki,commissioner City of Porvoo, curator Petteri Nisunen, inauguration 29.11.2021.

Helsinki Biennial 2021, Same Sea, Vallisaari, 12.6. - 26.9.2021, curators Pirkko Siitari & Taru Tappola, HAM.

Matter, exhibition as part of the Peripheries in Parallax: Brave New Peripheries seminar, Aalto University, curators Pia Euro & Tanja Kiiveri

Moving the Horizon, Manifesta Biennial 2020, Les Parallèles du Sud, 5. - 28.2.2021, Centre Photographique Marseille, France

Borderline Art Space, Iasi, Romania, 1.11. 2020 - 1/2021, curator Catalin Gheorghe.

Muu Gaala, 19.-21.11.2020, MuuHelsinki, curators Jani Ruscica & Timo Wright

Surfacing, Työhuone, Pengerkatu 7, Helsinki, 17.9. - 3.10.2020, curators Simo Kellokumpu & Vincent Roumagnac

On the cusp of the still untitled´ on view in Esplanadi 18 SEB Bank display window 3.2. - 23.4.2020, commissioned by EMMA Museum of Modern Art, curator Ingrid Orman.

Coexistence - Human, Animal and Nature in Kiasma´s collection, 26.4. 2019 - 1.3.2020, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Rauma Triennale 2019, Rauma Art Museum and Tarvantori vacant former shopping mall, 8.6. - 15.9. 2019, curator Anna Vihma

In light of current events, 2019, a public  commission for Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset, Sweden, curators Lotta Mossum & Eva Rosengren

Earth Rights, Turku Kunsthalle, 2.2. - 24.2.2019, curator Taru Elfving

Moving the Horizon, gallery Zoëme OAA (Ouverture d'ateliers d'artistes); French Institute Helsinki & Rabat, Morocco; gallery LeCube, Rabat; MuuMonday, MUU gallery, Helsinki; DEUX bis / Galerie Art-Cade, Marseille, France, 2019

Time is out of joint, solo show, Nov 2018, gallery Sculptor, Helsinki

`Run root reroute´

`Loose configurations´, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki,  2023

`Sun absorbed´

`Loose configurations´, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki,  2023

`Screen of spectres´

`Loose configurations´, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki,  2023

`Loose configurations´

Mänttä Art Festival, 2023

Photo Maija Toivanen,  HAM / Helsinki Biennial 2021

`Eons and instants´

Same Sea, Helsinki Biennial 2021

Commissioned by HAM / Helsinki Biennial 2021

`On the cusp of the still untitled´

A commissioned work for EMMA Museum of Modern Art, 2020.

SEB Bank | EMMA Museum of Modern Art commission
`Bodies between architectures´

Permanent  installation

Commissioned by HUS, Bridge Hospital



Permanent  installation

Commissioned by City of Porvoo


Draft_Porvoon länsiranta.jpg
Time is out of joint installation view in Kiasma, Coexistence.
`Time is out of joint  I´

Installation in

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art,

Helsinki, 2019.

​`Time is out of joint´

Solo exhibition, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki,


Wrestling classics_in_Time is out of joint.jpg
`Attach, expand, collapse´

Solo exhibition in Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, 2016.

Art work for Upsala Akademiska Sjukhuset
`In light of current events´

A public work for Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset, 2019.


Installation in Tarvantori, Rauma
`It´s a silent agent doing its thing´

Rauma Triennale 2019

Installation in Rauma Triennale
`Relation shift´

Rauma Triennale 2019

take off_huhtikuu_1.jpg
`take off´

Matter 2 - Site, Senses and Sensibilities, Peripheries in Parallax, Brave New Peripheries


Earth Rights, 2019

Detail of the installation in Earth Rights




Projektraum Meinblau, Berlin

By the way_galleria Sinne_edited.jpg




Solo show in gallery Sinne

`throwing of senses beyond the other side of things´

Borderline Art Space,

Iași, Romania,






Pengerkatu 7 Työhuone

Moving the Horizon

Marseille, Rabat, Helsinki, '


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